About Us



Despite what some headlines tell you, there are millions of great things happening in this world every day by people willing to make a difference big or small. Join a global movement to build a connection point that inspires, informs, and more importantly, gives each person the opportunity to contribute in their own way to something that can change the world.  Become part of a community that shares amazing products, services, and experiences that will inspire change, promote positivity, and make our global community a better place. After all, despite what border lines on maps would tell you, we are just one big community.

EcoWeco – Making a difference made easy!

Want to do something to make the world a better place but don’t have millions of dollars or know where to start? EcoWeco can help! You can make a difference every day,  were here to make it easier. There are countless ways to help! Try one (or all) and join a grassroots effort to save the world.

  • Purchase with a purpose! Buy something that you love & part of the proceeds goes to help someone
    or something else!
  • Mother Nature approved products! (upcycled, recycled, or just plain easy on the earth items)
  • Small pledge, big difference! (1-a-day kindness pledge)
  • How travel changes us!
  • Happening now! (learn what others are doing to change the world)
  • Have your own cause? Tell us about it!
  • Get inspired! (or inspire someone else)
  • Support a cause!
  • Be grateful

This Is Just The Beginning……

This site is very grassroots……but we are excited about growth! Even the mighty oak has to start somewhere (consider us at the acorn stage right now) planting a seed for an amazing future that includes everyone in our global community. This site will eventually grow to make products available, offer EcoWeco gear, and be the premier positive connection point in our world!