3 Places to Buy Amazing Clothes That Help Change the World

April 7, 2017

The ugly truth about the production of the fashion we love so much is that it is often hard on the environment, our natural resources and the labor that produces it. If you’re like us, you’re looking for alternatives that not only address all the above, but are of great quality and design as well. Conscious fashion consumerism doesn’t have to be hard or a sacrifice.  Our EcoWeco team has found 3 places you can not only shop today but will also make you feel good about your purchases.

I was introduced to the Chan + Krys (ChanandKrys.com) line at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco and was first and foremost attracted to their simple and elegant design where so many of the items were amazingly soft and came in beautiful colors. Then I met their team and was won over. There is nothing better than buying from people you really and truly connect with and that was definitely the case as I left with the scarf I decided I couldn’t live without.   They use natural, biodegradable fabrics that are locally sourced in New York and San Francisco that are mill and custom end products. Their zero waste philosophy ensures that nothing ends up in landfills. The Chan + Krys  “Quay” long sleeve shirt is next on my list and proof that environmental responsiblity can be fashionable.

EcoWeco’s Opportunity Innovator, Corinne, connected with the co-founder of Thredup (Thredup.com) recently and we instantly fell in love with the concept. Thredup buys and sells second-hand, gently used clothing. Think that second-hand fashion is only for the super budget-minded? Check out the list of celebs on their site that are second-hand shoppers and you’ll quickly realize  how this is not only a good financial move as you can buy “investment” pieces at a fraction of their original price, but are saving the environment by using what’s already been manufactured.  Often times we trade fashions with close friends- often things that we have never even worn. Think of Thredup as widening your circle of friends!  Have items that you’re willing to part with? Order their “Clean Out Bag” and give those items a chance at a new life and earn a little cash or credit with them for yourself as well.


Lastly, I was introduced to Rothy’s (Rothys.com) shoes at the San Francisco Urban Air Market. I have to be honest that I had my doubts about shoes made out of water bottles but for those of us that travel a great deal and are constantly on the hunt for shoes that look good, are comfortable enough to trek around an airport in and are durable enough to explore every city scape, these shoes are perfect.  You can also toss them in them in the washing machine (a definite benefit when you’re wearing after that hot yoga class) so they stay looking new for much longer than many other pairs in our closet. These cherry red ones go with so much!



Happy shopping!

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